About Us

Begampur Art and Culture Society

India is a diverse country and also the origin of many art and cultural forms. Through the decades’ people are obsessed with dance, singing, painting, or playing instruments. It is a land of artists, the place of many famous performers. 

it has started its journey with a dream that is unique and also well appreciated. The founder of the organization wants to give all kinds of cultural and artistic growth to the children through various courses. Besides nurturing and discovering artistic and cultural qualities, we are trying to provide a platform and some facilities to the children through various courses. “Begampur Art and culture society” want to reach its network for all the children so they can get the development of cultural, artistic, physical, and mental so that in the future they become the perfect version of themselves. We are also running a playschool named “” to encourage the development of the children through the process. 

Our Mission

“Begampur Art and culture society” has been built to develop and encourage art and culture throughout society.

Our Vision

To spread the network more so all the children can get the necessary development process through the courses provided by us.

Our Objective

To make India a true art and cultural heritage in the whole world.