President Message

Begampur Art and Culture Society

Kausik Paul


Watching “Begampur Art and culture society” over years has been a pleasant experience to see how the organization has evolved and always striven to be relevant. Possibly this is due to the basic reason that our organization has always accepted “change” as a dynamic eventuality of consistent development.

Meanwhile, it has observed people being able to articulate their aspirations, which is why it is making efforts to translate our vision into reality. “Begampur Art and culture society” try to complete its mission by providing various courses related to culture and art like drawing and painting, sculpture, art and craft, yoga, dance, karate, yoga therapy, abacus, and grooming we have also a playschool named “PROTISRUTI” which focuses on the overall development of children through play. Without the help of common people, it won’t be possible to complete our mission, so we will be looking for the cooperation of common people more.